Panel Discussion

How can Universal Design Benefit Companies and Attract More Customers

May 21, 2021 8:00 PM CEST GET TICKETS

The inclusive design aims to cater to the full spectrum of human diversity. This extends further than accessibility, which focuses on users with special needs or disabilities. Yet, for many tech products and services, even accessibility remains a design afterthought today.

Having a multitude of user experiences for separate apps and other design spaces, such as for people with visual impairments and those without, is less efficient and not cost-effective. Not only that, it separates users according to their weaknesses and strengths. Instead, producing a universal interface for customers regardless of their abilities can unite by design.

So how can companies shift from separate accessible design to a universally inclusive interface?

Our speakers will consider the following topics in this panel:

Filipe Roloff Global Diversity & Inclusion Lead for Lifetime Customer Experience at SAP and Co-founder & Lead of Pride Connection Brasil
Catherine Nichols Senior Director of Accessibility Programs at Salesforce