Regional webinar

Inclusion as a catalyst for profit and business growth for top managers and business owners from the GCC countries

November 4, 2020 4:00 PM (Dubai) GET TICKET

Kostiantyn GridinKostiantyn Gridin

Partner & Head of Dubai Office at CFC Big Ideas

Anna KrysAnna Krys

Head of Diversity & Inclusion Practice at CFC Big Ideas

All top managers and business owners think of how to make their businesses more productive. Very few of them believe that Diversity and Inclusion have something to do with revenue, profit or efficiency.

The upcoming webinar is designed for the C-suites, Shareholders, and Board Members from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain who are focused on untapping the full potential of their companies’ workforce. This potential can be used to create new projects, open new markets, and increase clients’ loyalty.

During the webinar, diversity and Inclusion experts from CFC Big Ideas will share their unique case studies on:

All the above-mentioned examples have a proven financial impact on the company’s performance, which our experts will also share about with the attendees. The webinar will last for two and a half hours including 90 minutes of the speakers’ presentation and 60 minutes of the Q&As. The number of seats is limited to 20.

Diversity in the GCC has two local peculiarities. First, the lion’s share of the workforce is represented by the expatriate population. Second, women quite rarely make it to the top managerial positions of local corporations. While in some cases this limited representation is due to the lack of female talent, in others it can only be explained by the local cultural traditions and stereotypes reining in the top managers’ and board members’ minds.

Declaring Diversity and Inclusion as their guiding principles, most of the GCC-based businesses still struggle with two key problems:

  1. attracting women to the top managerial positions without losing overall efficiency;
  2. creating a holistic inclusive culture for local and expatriate employees to fulfill their potential.

Employing and serving the needs of people with disabilities have been on the rise due to a number of government initiatives but still has not been identified among the top priorities, as most of the GCC employers refuse to consider expats with disabilities for any white or blue collar positions.

CFC Big Ideas is an international communications consultancy based in Dubai, providing services in the field of strategic communications, government relations, and management consulting, part of which is in diversity and inclusion. In September 2020, CFC Big Ideas organized the world’s largest online diversity and inclusion event — the Global Inclusion Online Forum, which featured 70+ speakers — world’s leading diversity and inclusion executives and consultants, representatives of the largest global corporations, D&I activists as well as business owners.

The idea of the Forum and the opening of a new practice was inspired by the company’s manager Anna Krys, who, before joining CFC Big Ideas, worked in an IT company in Ireland and was a public activist in the field of diversity & inclusion. Thanks to her social activities in 2019, Anna was featured in the Irish “Top 30 under 30” ranking. In the same year, already working at CFC Big Ideas, Anna won the hackathon as part of the European Union project “Regional Mechanism for the Development of Civil Society of the Eastern Partnership countries” with her IT project on inclusive infrastructure.

As part of working on inclusive projects, CFC Big Ideas has developed and implemented severalunique solutions under the leadership of the Partner — Kostiantyn Gridin. They include a system of humanless promotion (promotion without human decision, based solely on indicators) that prevents bias and discrimination, the creation of inclusive structural units to attract people with special needs, a system of remote work and flexible scheduling, as well as an inclusive financial compensation system.