Events with tag “Racial inclusion”

May, 21 5:00 PM CEST
Stage 1
Panel Discussion

Confronting Racism and Injustice in the “New Normal” Corporate World

Racial disparities and injustice remain prevalent in workplaces across the world. Widespread protests filled the streets in many countries after the killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police last May. As the murders of Floyd, Rayshard Brooks and too many others have made painfully obvious, Black people to this day experience racism and injustice in different settings, including the corporate one.

Facing injustice at work is difficult for just about anyone, especially when it comes to issues that in some way implicate those above us. Employees can well fear to suffer career, social, psychological, or other kinds of harm for speaking up.

So how can we confront systemic racism and injustice in the workplace? And what can be done to be a good ally and recognize your own privilege?

The speakers in this panel will discuss the following topics:

  • One year after George Floyd's murder, has the corporate world become less racist?
  • Power, privilege and equity: How do they look in the transformed post-COVID workplace
  • What is the level of anti-racism corporate policies and practices?
Amber Hikes Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer at ACLU
Shelton John Goode CEO at Icarus Consulting
May, 21 10:00 PM CEST
Stage 2
Panel Discussion

Current State of Diversity & Inclusion: Panel on Polarization

It’s been one year since George Floyd’s murder caused a cultural reckoning around our diversity and inclusion behaviors. In addition, new inclusion and exclusion fault lines have been generated by COVID-19 and remote working, as well as increasing political and social polarization.

Society is rapidly dividing in new ways and many company executives are struggling to know what to do. The traditional DE&I toolbox with diversity quotas, heartfelt CEO emails and unconscious bias training seems woefully insufficient.

So, how should we lead on inclusion in this new environment? Looking at the research over the past 12 months, the panel will discuss:

  • Is polarization getting worse or better?
  • Is there too much of a focus on race?
  • ‘Heat’ vs ‘light’ approaches to driving social and behavioral change
  • How we can talk about race and other high stakes issues in ways that help
  • Is there a difference between what our organization needs vs. what it is ready for?
Wei-Li Chong U.S President of Mind Gym
Dr. Janet Ahn Chief Behavioural Science Officer at Mind Gym 
Tessa West Associate Professor at New York University (NYU)
Khalil Smith Vice President of Inclusion, Diversity, and Engagement at Akamai
May, 23 7:00 PM CEST

Fostering Awareness and Growth to Diminish Discrimination in the Workplace

Bias—implicit or explicit prejudice—is a significant barrier to creating environments that are diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Bias is also a basic feature of being human. Starting from the premise that everyone is biased, and that awareness is the first step to action, this workshop will take a deep dive into the phenomenon of bias and how it informs perception and behavior.

Essie Martsinkovsky Founder of Vokative LLC