September 3, 2020

Kyiv, Ukraine, 06:30 CET. The Global Inclusion Online Forum organized by CFC Big Ideas, has officially begun on September 3, starting the week of online sessions dedicated to diversity & inclusion in the corporate world.

The Forum has opened with a panel titled "COVID-19 Pandemic: A Boost or a Barrier to Greater Inclusion Around the World?" and the keynote speech from Lisa Annese, CEO at Diversity Council Australia. The agenda of GIOF's first two days will consist of 11 panel discussions, 9 keynote interviews, and a Startup Pitch Contest planned for September 4. The following 5 days will include 14 specialized workshops delivered by the renowned Diversity & Inclusion experts.

The 2020 Forum's topics encompass Diversity in Recruitment, Tech, Finance, Culture, Disability, LGBT, Racial and Religious Inclusion, and many others. Special attentioned will be paid to the impact of COVID-19 on Diveristy & Inclusion and the strategies of implementing inclusive practices in the workplace. Among the 70+ speakers of the GIOF are representatives of the leading corporations as well as the world’s biggest organizations engaged in human rights protection and fight for inclusion.

CFC Big Ideas, the organizer of the event, is an international strategic communications consultancy headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Established in 2003, the company has made its name by implementing BIG IDEA international projects. CFC's portfolio includes public initiatives executed on the sidelines of the Annual Meeting in Davos, G20 Summit in Argentina, the UN General Assembly as well as other international initiatives.

For any additional information, please contact Anna Krys, the Global Inclusion Online Forum project manager, at