Anie AkpeAnie Akpe

Founder at African Women In Technology

African Women In Technology

Anie Akpe is a business professional and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in the banking industry, real estate, finance and tech. Anie is the Founder of African Women In Tech (AWIT), an Africa-based organization helping girls and women with education and mentorship within technology, as well as UX Diaspora, a unique community of people of color in UX who are digitally migrating to educate, connect and inspire one another all over the world.  Anie is also an avid advocate for diversity and inclusion within the tech industry.

In her previous role as VP,  Mortgage Operations at Municipal Credit Union, Anie has managed a $950 million dollar portfolio.

She is a highly active member of the board of directors for various organizations — highlighting her advocacy for entrepreneurship, tech, culture and community.

Anie serves on the board of The New York Mortgage Coalition, an affordable housing program initiative based in New York City.