GIOF Annual Meeting • May 19–26, 2022
The Biggest Annual Meeting of
 the Global DEI Community

Gillian ShapiroGillian Shapiro

Founder & CEO at Shapiro Consulting Ltd

Gillian is a highly experienced leadership and organisational development consultant, founder and CEO of Shapiro Consulting with over twenty years specialist expertise in inclusion and diversity. She supports global organisations to improve their performance by increasing employee diversity and inclusion. Several of her clients have gone on to be recognised and awarded for their progress and achievements on diversity and inclusion.

Gillian works with leaders developing their capabilities in building high performing inclusive and diverse teams within often fast changing and complex work environments. Her clients span several different sectors including finance, law, media, science, engineering and technology, health and humanitarian.

In addition to consultancy and executive coaching, Gillian conducts research and published the first UK report on the behaviours, actions and impact of Inclusive Leadership in 2011. During 2020/21 Gillian worked with the International Labour Organisation on one of the first large scale global diversity and inclusion studies involving low, medium as well as high income economies. Previously she led pan-European action research programmes on innovation, employee diversity and engagement at the Centre for Research in Innovation Management. Her doctorate research focused on the career development of women working in the technology sector into senior leadership roles.

Gillian holds qualifications in coaching, applied behavioural science, human systems dynamics and Gestalt organisational development consultancy. She is a member of the Institute for Applied Behavioural Science (NTL), the Human Systems Dynamics Institute and the Organisational Development Network Europe.