GIOF Annual Meeting • May 18–19, 2023
World’s First Global 36-Hour DEI Marathon
New York
Los Angeles


Global Inclusion Online Forum (GIOF) Annual Meeting 2023 will be held on May 18–19, 2023. With six physical locations and online streaming, it will become the world’s first global 36-hour DEI marathon. The event will be livestreamed from London, New York, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Singapore and Johannesburg. Attendees are invited to join the event at one of our physical venues or from the comfort of their own home anywhere on the planet.

The year 2023 marks GIOF Annual Meeting’s fourth consecutive occurrence. The event is designed to bring together the world’s leading diversity and inclusion executives, HR consultants, and DEI activists alongside business owners and managers looking for ways to make their businesses more inclusive and, consequently, more profitable and successful.

The Forum’s 2023 agenda will consist of panel discussions, interviews, online/offline expo and case study presentations, as well as a Startup Pitch Competition for emerging businesses dealing with DEI and Inclusivity Business Awards for small companies practicing diversity and inclusion internally.

Over the course of two days, the Forum’s theme will be centered around eight key topics: Disability Inclusion, Inclusive Hiring, Promotion and Retention Practices, Racial and Ethnic Inclusion, LGBTQ+ Inclusion, Gender Equality, Accessibility, Refugee Inclusion and Mental Health.

The speaker lineup includes global heads of diversity and inclusion from leading corporations as well as distinguished DEI leaders of the world’s largest organizations. For example, last year’s lineup included speakers from Mastercard, Nasdaq, Kraft Heinz, Xerox, Ikea, IBM, SAP, Walmart and others.

Successful Annual Meetings of the Global Inclusion Online Forum were previously held in 2020, 2021 and 2022, resulting in fruitful collaborations with 200+ speakers and 5,000+ DEI professionals from the world’s largest corporations, consultancies, NGOs, and international organizations.