Accessibility tools for sustainable growth of e-commerce • June 10, 2022
Get insights from global
 e-commerce accessibility leaders
  • Evaluate accessibility level of your existing e-commerce website

  • Implement assistive technology on your digital shopping platforms

  • Promote accessible features on your website to enlarge your customer base

Almost everyone shops online nowadays, but, unfortunately, most e-commerce websites are not user-friendly for everyone. With the ongoing rise of popularity of online shopping, retailers should be ready to welcome every potential client, regardless of their individual abilities or disabilities. Web accessibility and inclusivity have the potential to not only enlarge an online shop’s customer base but also deepen relationships with existing customers and increase the lifelong value of these relationships.

By joining this event, e-commerce owners, business development professionals, marketers, and web-developers will obtain the knowledge and insights necessary to help make their e-commerce websites more accessible to users with special requirements, such as visual, auditory, motor, speech, and cognitive impairments. Those attending the event will learn about innovative assistive technologies that can make customers’ online shopping experience more convenient, learn how to run accessibility audits for their websites, and discover which features are worth their attention in 2021 and in the future.

The event will provide practical knowledge on how to use specific accessibility tools for e-commerce platforms and how to win new customers from specific categories.

This event is for:

  • Accessibility officers from e-commerce platforms

  • Diversity and inclusion executives

  • UX architects and designers


Jun, 10 4:00 PM CET
Panel Discussion

Online shopping for everyone: a must of our digital future

  • Why caring about customer minorities can help bring the majority

  • What could the economic and social effects of e-commerce accessibility be?

  • How can upgrading accessibility raise the e-commerce reputation?

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Jun, 10 5:00 PM CET

Internal and external accessibility audit for online shopping tools and websites

  • Learn how to evaluate your existing website based on main accessibility principles
  • Learn about the main criterias to look for while analyzing the accessibility level of your e-commerce platforms
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Jun, 10 5:30 PM CET

The main features of inclusive design for customers with visual, auditory, motor, speech, and cognitive impairments

  • Learn which accessibility features can make the shopping experience more user-friendly for people with different kinds of disabilities
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Jun, 10 6:00 PM CET

How to make your website accessible for visually impaired payable users

  • Know how to adapt your online shopping experience to particular needs of people with visual disabilities
  • Learn how to communicate your updates and new features to visually impaired people
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Jun, 10 6:30 PM CET

Promoting accessibility features for profitable growth and scaling

  • Learn how to promote your online shop and attract new buyers by developing inclusive shopping features and innovations
  • Include accessible services in your marketing and brand strategy for a sustainable growth
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Jun, 10 7:00 PM CET

What to do if legal action (based on WCAG, ADA, section 508, and other) is taking place against you and how to prevent it

  • Learn how to prevent legal complaints by integrating Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) into your e-commerce website
  • Learn how to increase the user experience satisfaction for all existing customers by making your websites inclusive and accessible
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If you are interested in attending the event, please leave your email for us to notify you once the full speaker lineup is confirmed.

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What attendees say about our events

“I indeed had my expectations really high, but it was way better than what I expected. […] I ended up after 3 h with almost 5 full pages of a notebook filled with quotes from the panelists. Connected with more than 100 people, meetings, booth fairs…”
Patricia Souza, D&I expert from Luxembourg

“Thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and all the questions — encouraged by the momentum from fellow panelists and the audience!”
Rebecca Hershey, Human Rights Campaign

“Great panel! Even as the moderator, I can’t wait to go back and listen to the recording to fully capture all the wisdom and practical insights shared by our panelists”
Bernardo Ferdman, Ferdman Consulting

“The most interactive and the most informative online event about acessibility of the last years for me. Wishing to the organizing team keep going with such level”
Roman Boreńko, Inclusive It

“This was very well organized and well run. I really enjoyed case studies on accessibility in the banking context! Kudos to organizers!”
Catherine Tunney Braeken, Director Client Accessibility at CIBC

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