Accessibility tools for sustainable growth of e-commerce • June 10, 2022
Get insights from global
 e-commerce accessibility leaders

Promoting accessibility features for profitable growth and scaling

June 10, 2022 6:30 PM CET BUY TICKETS

Ensuring online shopping is accessible to every customer is vital for e-commerce businesses. Even more crucial is utilizing the right communication strategies to promote these services to existing and potential customers. Understanding how to target your clients with effective messages is key to helping them gain more access to your e-commerce platform. Excellent marketing communication will also help you stand out as an inclusive and accessible e-commerce leader.

At this case study event, you will receive all the information necessary for promoting your platform’s accessibility features, thereby enlarging your customer base and increasing the lifelong customer value of your clients.

Our industry experts will share their practical knowledge and experience, which will equip you to:
  • Learn how to promote your online shop and attract new buyers by developing inclusive shopping features and innovations
  • Include accessible services in your marketing and brand strategy for a sustainable growth
Join the event to learn more from top industry experts!