Global Inclusion Online Forum is a global digital platform promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion for advocates and practitioners. Our main goal is to foster the advancement of these practices in the corporate world.

Our initiative has grown from a one-time online event organized amidst the COVID-19 pandemic to a bi-annual forum. In addition to two global annual events, we are hosting some smaller-scale events throughout the year. We are also providing corporate training programs and conducting research on various aspects of DEI.

We design on-demand training and professional development opportunities for HR professionals, diversity and inclusion (D&I) advocates, and D&I ecosystem builders. We are happy to develop a custom solution for your unique needs. Additionally, we provide efficient development services for diversity and inclusion practitioners, advising and coaching them on diversity and inclusion strategies and broadening their skillsets. Our training includes the following topics:

Our team consists of seasoned and begining DEI professionals passionate about bringing diversity to countries, where this concept is still developing: Eastern Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Asia.


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We are passionate about creating an inclusive culture for everyone.

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