October 24, 2022

The discussions about blind hiring have been circulating among the DEI community for a long time already, and experts believe it can be a real solution for eliminating both conscious and unconscious biases from the hiring process, therefore making it more objective. However, even when companies use the blind hiring in the earlier stages of the process through blind recruitment and blind resume screenings, the majority of DEI activists and advocates still think that the last stage of the recruitment process, i.e. the final interview, should be conducted in person.

On the other hand, we feel that during the in-person interview, the power of personal biases can still be strong and affect the decision. Therefore, a company may lose the better candidate while being influenced, in some cases, by the positive or negative type of discrimination etc.

That’s why we would like to announce that GIOF and CFC Big Ideas, our Parent Organization are preparing to conduct the World’s First Fully Blind Hiring Experiment. We commit to make hiring decisions before knowing the candidates’ identities. We call for companies of any size who are interested to take part in this unprecedented experiment with us!

How will the process be organized?

1. Blind resume pre-screenings

All candidates will submit their resumes and employers will receive them without any personal data. Our intention is to hire an Independent Contractor (a company) to verify the accuracy of the information provided by the candidates without informing the potential employer. This will be performed by an independent, international, and reputable HR Consultancy Partner.

2. Blind interviews

With the help of our Technological Partner, such interviews will be conducted using a special voice-masking technology, along with other tasks created by the employers. All the aforementioned tasks will be designed in a way that they do not disclose candidates’ identities in any way.

3. Final decisions

Every participating company can make a decision according to its own internal policies. The main condition is that the decision should not be based on the candidate’s identity in any way. Our Technological Partner and HR Consultancy Partner have their own obligations to make sure that none of the candidates are using any external help while answering interview questions and/or solving test assignments.

If you’d like to partner with us and truly make history regarding the hiring process, click the link below to apply. Our Team will contact you shortly.