GIOF Annual Meeting • May 19–26, 2022
The Largest Annual Meeting of
 the Global DEI Community

How To Eliminate Diversity Complaints

May 27, 2022 2:00 PM CET BUY TICKETS Price: 200 USD


Companies across the world are increasing their diversity goals for minority employee representation. For example, they set certain percentage goals for female and black representation in the workforce or in leadership positions.

To many employees of big companies, these percentages only increase tensions between so-called minority and majority employees. The “majority” employees look at newly hired women and black professionals as those who were hired not because of their merits, but because of their gender and race. In return, the minority employees look at their white male supervisors as supremacists and discriminators, which increases general dissatisfaction at any workplace.

Is there any solution to the problem? The key benefit of diversity and inclusion is that they make people thrive at work, generating new ideas and bringing new revenue to the organization.

In his workshop, Kostiantyn Gridin, the founder of the Global Inclusion Online Forum and partner at CFC Big Ideas, will talk about his method for setting diversity and inclusion goals:

  • focusing on employee satisfaction rates while using demographic percentages as one of the indicators;

  • setting up a hiring system that does not allow decision makers to apply their biases;

  • setting up an automatic promotion system, based on scores and KPIs, without a need for a human decision.

As a result, the attendees of the workshop will leave the session with readiness to:

  • apply diversity and inclusion models;

  • apply inclusive hiring principles and criteria, which will give no room for candidate complaints;

  • apply the promotion system, eliminating biases and discrimination.

Kostiantyn Gridin Big Idea Officer at GIOF