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GIOF2022 Online Expo

GIOF2022 Online Expo is a B2B platform embedded in Global Inclusion Forum’s main program designed to bring together diversity & inclusion consultants, HR & recruiting professionals, as well as creators of inclusive products and services with their prospective clients from the global audience. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their products and solutions in a virtual booth format available on our event platform to 5000+ attendees.

The application process will start 3 months before the event.

Why exhibit at GIOF AM 2022?

An Exhibitor enjoys networking opportunities on the virtual event platform and is entitled to have 20 complimentary VIP invitations sent to the potential clients of their choice. An Exhibitor will have a page on the website with their bio, logo, and link to the website.

Who will see your company?

The company’s virtual booth can serve as an online advertising platform for senior leadership, heads of HR, diversity & inclusion officers among our attendees. Exhibitors will be able to run promo videos, give links to their products, attach handouts, connect with interested attendees, and host interactive sessions.

How your exhibitor booth will look like:


Exhibitors will present their solutions in 4 categories:

Diversity & inclusion solutions — consultants and experts providing assistance to corporations to create more diversity and inclusion in the workplace;

HR & recruiting solutions — supporting solutions helping to enlarge talent pipeline and hire more diverse talent;

Inclusive products and services — providers of products and services designed for minorities and underrepresented groups, i.e. software for people with visual impairments, devices and gadgets for people with disabilities, solutions for aged people or other categories with special requirements;

Inclusive business cultures — exemplary businesses that excel in their inclusive corporate cultures and are ready to share their experiences or build partnerships with diversity & inclusion activists, NGOs and businesses around the globe.

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Interested to exhibit?

Pre-register by filling in your contact details and our team will notify you once the registration is open.

GIOF Online Expo Terms & Conditions