GIOF Annual Meeting • May 19–26, 2022
The Largest Annual Meeting of
 the Global DEI Community
Panel Discussion

Two years post-COVID: where does the world stand in the work accessibility journey?

May 20, 2022 6:00 PM CET BUY TICKETS

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to adapt to drastically different workflow arrangements. Mass adoption of digital, fully remote, or hybrid positions has allowed the promotion of accessibility and inclusion. As the world is transitioning towards a post-COVID reality, it is important to make sense of the progress and upcoming challenges that corporations face on the journey to increasing the degree of their employee accessibility and inclusion. Accommodating diverse needs can vary depending on the objectives and resources of your organization.

Workplace accessibility is not just about physical accessibility but also about making sure there are no barriers to the talent pool. It's important for companies to have a strategy for how they will make their workplace accessible to people with disabilities and other different needs.

The speakers at this panel will discuss:

  • The challenges and opportunities in implementing accessibility policies.
  • Can digital accessibility be the new frontier for establishing inclusive policies?

  • What can SMEs do to kickstart accessibility policies with limited resources?

Bianca Prins Global Head of Accessibility at ING Bank
Lori Samuels Senior Director of Accessibility at NBCUniversal
Andy Traub Principal at Global Disability Inclusion