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Beatrix EderBeatrix Eder

Founder at Beatrix Eder Coaching

Beatrix Eder Coaching

Beatrix is a certified Transformational Coach, Facilitator and Speaker based in Singapore.

Her work focuses on supporting leaders at all levels in organizations to become more competent and confident in practicing Inclusive Leadership, both at
- the macro-level of creating equitable policies and processes as well as on
- the micro-level of fostering behaviors that build an inclusive and equitable culture.

By fostering cohesive and creative teams that thrive on diversity and change, her clients tap into the full potential of human diversity and create an inclusive culture as competitive differentiator.

Beatrix helps leaders to use complexity to unlock new possibilities for better outcomes. Her integrative approach embraces paradoxes and links the personal growth of the client to the development of the system they are part of.

In November 2020 Beatrix has been recognized by Best in Singapore as one of the best service providers for Leadership Coaching. In August 2021 she has been nominated as one of the best Executive Coaches for the Coach Awards by GoMasterCoach.