July 11, 2023
DEI Data Summit

Diversity Atlas

Diversity Atlas

Recognising the importance of diversity in conflict and team communication, in 2015, Cultural Infusion began a six-year research project to understand cultural diversity in all its complexity and intersectionality. The organisation worked with many subject matter experts and organisations such as the Australian Commission for UNESCO, Australian National University. Expertise included experts in computer science, cultural anthropology, sociology, mathematics and organisational theory to firstly define cultural diversity and then build a world first survey platform that allowed individuals to share their stories in ways that were meaningful to them. Based on this research, the world's first diversity data-analytics platform, Diversity Atlas, was created as a means to find a data driven approach to creating Inclusion and Equity. The findings of this research were published in scientific journals, including The International Journal of Social Science and Humanity.

Diversity Atlas is a pioneering platform that measures and defines cultural diversity, providing valuable insight for inclusive strategies. Diversity Atlas helps organisations and communities thrive in a diverse globalising world. The platform's survey tool allows businesses to compare their workforce's diversity profile to the target community or customer base and compare teams with each other, providing a deep understanding of the cultural and demographic balance. By analysing intersectionality with key demographic factors, Diversity Atlas generates a unique weighted cultural diversity index, enabling tracking of diversity over time. The data can be used to develop strategies that improve staff engagement, wellbeing, and business outcomes while unlocking new opportunities in a diverse and complex global environment. With Diversity Atlas, organisations can leverage diversity to achieve success while avoiding disruptions in team communication and performance.

Check out their websites for more information:

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