October 12, 2023
Blind Hiring Summit:
Embracing the New Age of HR

The results of World's First Fully Blind Hiring Experiment

October 12, 2023 6:15 PM CET BUY TICKETS

The key difference between the fully blind hiring process and blind recruiting procedures implemented by a number of companies in the world, is that in the case of the fully blind process, the hiring decision is made before the identity of the candidate is disclosed to the potential employer. The experiment was conducted in partnership with Jobecam, the world’s leading blind hiring platform. During the experiment, Maria Bezhuashvili, who was hired for the position of HR Manager, became the first person in the world to be hired via this innovative process.

During this presentation we will share the remarkable outcomes of our pioneering experiment. Come learn about the insights, challenges, and big changes that came with this achievement. You'll get firsthand knowledge of how Fully Blind Hiring works without biases to create a new way of hiring, where everyone is treated fairly and the best candidates are chosen. We will explain our experiment in detail – from the start to the end. You'll understand how Fully Blind Hiring can change your organization's work. By attending, you'll learn a lot about how unbiased evaluation is powerful. This will help you understand how the future of hiring can be fair and forward-thinking, based purely on skills and merit.

Kostiantyn Gridin Big Idea Officer at GIOF