GIOF Annual Meeting • May 19–26, 2022
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Building Analytics Capabilities to Advance DE&I Strategies

May 20, 2022 8:30 PM CET BUY TICKETS

In this session Devin Tyler of Axiom Consulting Partners will discuss challenges companies are experiencing related to understanding progress and opportunities on their DE&I strategy through data and analytics. Nearly two years ago companies rushed to pulled together committees to formulate strategies to combat racism and advance inclusion and diversity. Now companies are seeking to understand progress, where opportunities remain, and what efforts are delivering the greatest impact on their DEI strategy. Because reliable and high-quality DE&I data and analytics are difficult to obtain, even for those with the latest HR Technology, this presents an obstacle for companies to evaluate their DEI strategy and what comes next. Devin will outline the challenges his clients are experiencing related to DEI analytics, and the steps to developmore reliable and robust insights from data that link with DEI Goals and guide leadership actions, decisions, and investments.

Devin Tyler Senior Consultant at Axiom Consulting Partners