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Devin TylerDevin Tyler

Senior Consultant at Axiom Consulting Partners

Axiom Consulting Partners

Devin Tyler is a Senior Consultant and the InclusivX Customer Success Lead at Axiom Consulting Partners, where he oversees the firm’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion function and service offering.

He works with leading companies by combining data + behavioral science with best practices in DE&I to understand, predict and influence employee and organizational behavior in service of growth and transformation. Over the course of his career, Devin has led numerous consulting engagements focusing on developing and implementing sustainable Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategies. In addition to his work in DE&I, Devin assists organizations to improve their overall approach to talent strategy, people analytics, organization design, and team effectiveness.

Devin is also the service line leader of Axiom’s Diversity Equity & Inclusion offerings, and the Customer Success Lead for InclusivX, which provides leaders with the actionable insights and—quicker, deeper, less biased—data they need to assess and improve the impact of Diversity Equity and Inclusion. InclusivX was first inspired by challenges his clients faced as they struggled to define, measure, and create real-time, lasting DEI improvements. Devin and a team of psychologists, data scientists, and data engineers work to expand and advance the platform’s utility to client organizations.

In addition to his role at Axiom Consulting Partners, Devin also serves as a Partner at Social Venture Partners (SVP) – Chicago, a non-profit venture capitalist organization. SVP is a partnership of leaders thriving to make a significant impact in the Chicago community. The organization takes an engaged philanthropic approach to funding innovative and scalable non-profits. Devin’s role in SVP is to identify and support minority-owned organizations achieve their mission-driven strategic and financial goals.

Devin earned his Bachelor of Arts from Lake Forest College in Business Administration and is currently pursuing his Master’s in Business Administration at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Devin speaks frequently on the topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion. He has shared his perspectives at the annual Steven Galovich Symposium and has published his senior thesis entitled Black Entrepreneurs on the Rise: The Success Model.

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May, 20 8:30 PM CET
Stage 2
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Building Analytics Capabilities to Advance DE&I Strategies

In this session Devin Tyler of Axiom Consulting Partners will discuss challenges companies are experiencing related to understanding progress and opportunities on their DEI strategy through data and analytics. Nearly two years ago companies rushed to pulled together committees to formulate strategies to combat racism and advance inclusion and diversity. Now companies are seeking to understand progress, where opportunities remain, and what efforts are delivering the greatest impact on their DEI strategy. Because reliable and high-quality DEI data and analytics are difficult to obtain, even for those with the latest HR Technology, this presents an obstacle for companies to evaluate their DE&I strategy and what comes next. Devin will outline the challenges his clients are experiencing related to DE&I analytics, and the steps to develop more reliable and robust insights from data that link with DE&I Goals and guide leadership actions, decisions, and investments.

Devin Tyler Senior Consultant at Axiom Consulting Partners
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