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How to use co-development groups for women for lasting change

May 20, 2022 4:30 PM CET BUY TICKETS

Are you looking to tackle The Great Resignation, burnout or the broken rung for women?

Are you ready to move beyond tactical DEI solutions to fundamentally changing the equality landscape for women? Most DEI campaigns aim to fix the problems on the surface and thus end up delivering "exhibited outcomes" rather than lasting change.

DrivenWoman’s Lifeworking™ program is a highly impactful empowerment program for women. It’s a framework that helps women define their goals, discover their talents and find their own voice. The program is based on creating a safe space for re-evaluation, defining one’s true aspirations and then committing to simple steps to take that plan forward into action.

DrivenWoman’s co-development groups reduce feelings of isolation, help participants prioritise and action their goals, and creates a positive ripple effect of change. Participants feel supported, are less likely to burnout or resign, and build confidence to put themselves forward for more ambitious and authentic careers.

In this 20-minute session Miisa Mink, founder of DrivenWoman and the Lifeworking™ method, will share what women struggle with most and how co-working can help them overcome and thrive. Over 10,000 women have benefited from Lifeworking™ since 2013. Miisa will share her experience from personally leading over 500 group sessions in more than 10 countries seeing the transformation of thousands of women.

We believe that companies who help women find their voice will win!

Miisa Mink Founder at DrivenWoman