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Miisa MinkMiisa Mink

Founder at DrivenWoman

Miisa Mink is the founder and Chief Doer at DrivenWoman, a fast growing empowerment platform and a global community for ambitious women who want to achieve their goals and aspirations, fast. Our mission is to make personal development accessible for all women and help them move from thinking to taking action, from feeling overwhelmed to feeling in control and from doubting their own ideas to self belief and confidence.

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May, 20 4:30 PM CET
Stage 1
Online Expo

How to use co-development groups for women for lasting change

Are you looking to tackle The Great Resignation, burnout or the broken rung for women?

Are you ready to move beyond tactical DEI solutions to fundamentally changing the equality landscape for women?

In this 20-minute session Miisa Mink, founder of DrivenWoman and the Lifeworking™ method, will share what women struggle with most and how co-working can help them overcome and thrive. Over 10,000 women have benefited from Lifeworking™ since 2013. Miisa will share her experience from personally leading over 500 group sessions in more than 10 countries seeing the transformation of thousands of women.

Miisa Mink Founder at DrivenWoman
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