GIOF Annual Meeting • May 19–26, 2022
The Largest Annual Meeting of
 the Global DEI Community

Overcoming Cultural Stigmas in Disability Inclusion: An Asian Perspective

May 19, 2022 10:30 AM CET BUY TICKETS

Since inclusivity is about working with other humans, there are countless attitudes, perceptions and behaviours that combine to make each interaction a new chance: every moment is a chance to change your reaction, change your perception, treat someone differently. This keynote will focus on how to use this attitude to address cultural and psychological stigmas against those with disabilities. I will draw on my experiences facilitating such mindset change (into a "human-first" mindset) in an Asian context (in particular, in Hong Kong and India). 

Key learnings will include:

  • How disability is not about "normal" vs. abnormality, but rather about a human experience (i.e. most of us will experience some form of disability at some point in our life)
  • Inclusivity is not something you get "right" or "wrong" - this belief stops most of us from starting at all! It is about ongoing effort and sincerity.
  • Everyone has biases and prejudices. Inclusion is about managing these to avoid injustice and owning up to our shortcomings.
  • The head and heart must work together for inclusion to be effective. We cannot think only with our business sense; nor only with our empathy. We must use both in combination.
Faridé Shroff Founder and Director at SENsational Foundation Ltd