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Faridé ShroffFaridé Shroff

Founder and Director at SENsational Foundation Ltd

SENsational Foundation Ltd

Faridé Shroff, the founder and director of SENsational Foundation Ltd, worked as a special needs educator in Asia for 30 years.

During her  career, Faridé discovered a lack of employment opportunities for people with disabilities at corporate organisations. She found that many non-Chinese speakers with disabilities in Hong Kong were disadvantaged by a lack of resources and support, and sought to create an inclusive environment that would support these essential members of our society.

In response to this dire need, SENsational Foundation was set up in 2013 with the aim to bridge this gap and provide equal opportunities for people who are differently abled. SENsational Foundation engages in and drives forward a range of initiatives - from workshops to panel discussions to fundraisers - all with the fundamental aim of empowering people with disabilities and creating equal opportunities for them in the workplace.

To expand their outreach and bring about bigger change for the disability and ethnic minority communities in the region, SENsational Foundation is now a registered NGO in Hong Kong, having been awarded Section 88 status in 2020.

After seven years of working in the corporate world, Faridé remains passionate and driven by the changes she has witnessed in the corporations she has worked with. Many more companies are becoming increasingly aware of the need for inclusivity and the benefits that it brings to their business. Inclusivity is not viewed as charity but as providing mutual respect and equity for every individual - a basic human right.

Takes part in

May, 19 10:30 AM CET
Stage 1

Overcoming Cultural Stigmas in Disability Inclusion: An Asian Perspective

Since inclusivity is about working with other humans, there are countless attitudes, perceptions and behaviours that combine to make each interaction a new chance: every moment is a chance to change your reaction, change your perception, treat someone differently. This keynote will focus on how to use this attitude to address cultural and psychological stigmas against those with disabilities. I will draw on my experiences facilitating such mindset change (into a "human-first" mindset) in an Asian context (in particular, in Hong Kong and India).
Faridé Shroff Founder and Director at SENsational Foundation Ltd
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May, 24 2:00 PM CET

First Steps to Practicing Disability Inclusion

This introduction session aims to provide "first-steps" guidance for those who may want to incorporate disability inclusion into the DEI agenda by helping them:

  • ask the right questions for their company
  • think about how to utilize their resources effectively for disability inclusion
  • begin to craft actionable short, mid and long term goals for disability
  • reflect on who internally to their organization as well as externally needs to be involved for disability inclusion to be successful in the long-term
  • feel confident about disability as a new and/or unfamiliar topic.
Faridé Shroff Founder and Director at SENsational Foundation Ltd
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