GIOF Annual Meeting • May 19–26, 2022
The Largest Annual Meeting of
 the Global DEI Community

The missing link of creating a really inclusive workplace for employee’s retention.

May 19, 2022 5:00 PM CET BUY TICKETS

According to studies, more than 40% of employees in the USA and Europe report that they have experienced discrimination, bullying, harassment, or other forms of unfair or aggressive behavior due to their race, gender, appearance, parental status, marital status, disability or age at some point in their working career.

Research shows that experiencing workplace discrimination and the stress resulting from working at non-inclusive work environment are related to an important number of negative organizational and employee outcomes, such as low job satisfaction, reduced organizational engagement, lowered job performance, decreased teamwork spirit, and increased turnover intentions.

In this keynote Valentina Kordi will discuss her own experiences from workplace environments that fail to achieve inclusivity as part of their culture and the negative consequence they face, because of that, but will also share the key to turn inclusivity into an ordinary behavior in the workplace, in practice that will make all the difference to employees’ job satisfaction and retention.

You will learn:

  • What is the mindset that will really enable your people to embrace inclusivity
  • How you as a leader can turn inclusivity as normality in your team through your own behavior and mindset
  • The practical mechanisms to avoid bias and prejudice pitfalls that lead to unhappy employees decide to leave your team and organization.
Valentina Kordi Founder of Valentina Kordi Mindset & High-Performance Executive and Business Coach