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Sydney Elaine ButlerSydney Elaine Butler

Founder at Accessible Creates

Accessible Creates
HR Professional | Founder and Speaker/Consultant of Neurodiversity and Accessibility at Accessible Creates | Human Resources Consultant and Accessibility Consultant at TotallyHR|

Sydney's understanding is that their professional purpose must be to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be successful regardless of barriers in their way, and they must as a professional remove these barriers. They wrote AODA policies, practices and procedures for Skills for Change and made sure they were compliant and were in the situation where they could better train their employees to work alongside and provide support to clients with disabilities. They hosted a workshop for my team for Disability Pride Month to help educate SfC staff and have them starting the importance of Accessibility and Accommodation for all. They have since started speaking and consulting other companies on how to be more Accessible and Inclusive from a Human approach and how to empower and recruit more diverse individuals in an authentic manner.

Takes part in

May, 19 12:00 PM CET
Stage 1

How to organise recruitment and empowerment for neurodivergent people in a big corporate workplace

Companies do not understand the importance of recruitment and empowerment of Neurodivergent and Disabled Talent.  As a Consultant, Sydney helps companies understand the importance of creating more inclusive and accessible hiring practices, and policies and procedures. Attendees will learn how in the Corporate world these companies have started implementing more inclusive hiring practices and policies and procedures.
Sydney Elaine Butler Founder at Accessible Creates
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