Banking for everyone: Arising accessibility trends in banking and financial services • November 18, 2021
Learn from global pioneers of accessibility in banking and financial services

Lynn WehrmanLynn Wehrman

President & Founder at WeCo Accessibility Services

Lynn Wehrman, WeCo Founder/President, began her career working in digital accessibility as one of the first government digital accessibility specialists in 2008. With an education in communications, and professional background in federal program coordination, her work on the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Americans with Disabilities Act Transition Plan resulted in ground breaking work in government digital accessibility. Lynn founded WeCo Accessibility Services, a consulting group of digital experts living with disabilities, after living with a lifelong cognitive disability and seeing firsthand the power of people living with disabilities working as subject matter experts, in her government role.

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Nov, 18 6:00 PM CET

No Longer a Matter of If: Why Digital Accessibility is The Path Forward

We're experiencing a world-wide demographics shift towards disability. Between an aging Baby Boom generation and a younger population in which disability will become a growing factor, this is an inescapable fact. Websites and mobile environments can foster inclusion and offer accessibility for those of us living with disabilities. They are also a legal requirement which can make, or break, the success of a financial institution.

An accessible website and banking systems will become crucial to staying in business. This session will conclude with:

  • How to “bake” accessibility into your financial website and mobile design planning and updating processes
  • Key attributes of accessible digital design and structure
  • Ways to ensure that your digital content is truly accessible
  • Special considerations for financial customers who live with disabilities
Lynn Wehrman President & Founder at WeCo Accessibility Services
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