Banking for everyone: Arising accessibility trends in banking and financial services • November 18, 2021
Learn from global pioneers of accessibility in banking and financial services

Wendy LockyerWendy Lockyer

President at Accessibil-IT Inc

Wendy Lockyer started Accessibil-IT in 2009 with the mission of removing barriers people with visual disabilities experienced accessing digital communications, focusing on digital documents. She recognized that to accomplish this, she needed to establish a company which understood the needs of the organizations who post the content. Accessibil-IT principles include providing high quality, compliant services which are delivered on time and on budget.

Wendy has led the company to be one of the most respected digital document accessibility service providers with international brand recognition.

In 2020, Wendy was invited by the Publications Office of the European Union to participate in the pilot project "RDDA - Reading disability and document access, a possible approach". She offered insights to help the Committee understand document accessibility services as well as the audience for the services and the providers. She has also presented at conferences in North America and is often requested to participate in digital document strategy sessions for large organizations.

Wendy works with clients on a daily basis to address their ongoing needs for documents to be made accessible. She has a user friendly, practical approach, recognizing organizations have budget limitations which must be considered together with legislative requirements.

Prior to starting Accessibil-IT, Wendy was an executive at one of Canada's top 5 banks. During her career, she focused on the needs of business segments, regulators and investors. This background provides her with an understanding of the unique requirements of Financial Institutions.

Takes part in

Nov, 18 6:30 PM CET

Navigating the challenges of PDF and other digital document accessibility

  • Identifying which document accessibility standards to adhere to, WCAG and/or ISO 14289-1 (PDF/UA).
  • Prioritizing different stakeholders; customers, investors, employees
  • Fund statements, Marketing documents, Investor Relations reporting and fillable forms
  • Remediation and testing tools available today and how to choose the tools that are right for your organization
Wendy Lockyer President at Accessibil-IT Inc
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