July 11, 2023
DEI Data Summit

Measuring pay equity to take action on structural and implicit bias inside an organisation

July 11, 2023 9:20 PM CET BUY TICKETS
Organizations around the world are trying to solve the problem of pay inequity. Whether driven by the need to fulfill regulatory reporting requirements, attract equity-seeking talent or out of a genuine desire to promote a culture of equity, organizations are facing the challenge of accurately measuring and understanding the root cause of their pay gaps. However, few organizations have the analytical know-how to do this effectively, and even more difficulty identifying how to address closing the gaps. For many, the programs and policies contributing to inequity are often long-standing and hidden in plain sight within even the most well-intentioned organizations. The causes of inequity need to be surfaced to be corrected.

The speaker will present a case study on pay equity analysis, where predictive analytics was used to identify pay gaps within an organization, and to accurately measure the magnitude of structural and implicit bias in pay across gender, ethnicity, and the intersectionality of various identity variables. The analysis also offers organizations statistically driven insights that can help to pinpoint the root causes of inequity and recommendations on how to close the gaps related to gender and other social identities.

Attendees will learn:
• An introduction to accurately measuring pay gaps (unadjusted and adjusted)
• Recommendations on what data can be included in the model or should be collected to increase the accuracy of the modelling
• The importance of collecting good quality data on social identity characteristics within an organization
• The importance and value of exploring intersectionality in pay equity analysis
• Ideas for leveraging predictive analytics to identify ways to close the gap
Olivia Nuamah Managing Director, National Inclusion, Diversity and Belonging Leader at PwC
Grace Tong Vice President and the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Practice Lead at Ipsos