July 11, 2023
DEI Data Summit

Olivia NuamahOlivia Nuamah

Managing Director, National Inclusion, Diversity and Belonging Leader at PwC


Olivia is a Managing Director at PwC Canada as their Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Leader. She was a civil servant in the UK for over 15 years before coming back to Toronto to lead work in poverty reduction, policing, race, homelessness and LGBTQ+ communities and arts and culture. In the UK she worked on significant strategies including the Macpherson Inquiry, which led to the first evidence base to demonstrate the efficacy of the term systemic racism and further lead to significant police reforms. She then went on to lead the strategy for police reform in the UK, implementing recommendations from the Inquiry. In Canada, she led the Black Experience Project which culminated with the introduction of race based legislation at all levels of government, and Full Day Kindergarten which led to the largest investment the Ontario government had made in education post war. At ACTRA she was the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Leader and began and led the campaign and bargaining strategy on diverse representation both in front of, and behind the cameras.

Since being at PwC she has been using data to tell the narratives of the lived experiences of its workforce, engaging employees in an honest dialogue about how to work collaboratively towards creating a greater sense of safety and a workplace culture that everyone can see themselves reflected in.

Takes part in

Jul, 11 9:20 PM CET

Measuring pay equity to take action on structural and implicit bias inside an organisation

Case study on pay equity analysis, where predictive analytics was used to identify pay gaps within an organization, and to accurately measure the magnitude of structural and implicit bias in pay across gender, ethnicity, and the intersectionality of various identity variables.

Olivia Nuamah Managing Director, National Inclusion, Diversity and Belonging Leader at PwC
Grace Tong Vice President and the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Practice Lead at Ipsos
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