July 11, 2023
DEI Data Summit

Rezza MoieniRezza Moieni

CTO and Project Director at Diversity Atlas

Diversity Atlas

Rezza Moieni is the CTO and Project Director of Diversity Atlas since 2015. Rezza has a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering and a Master’s degree in Computer Science (Information Security). He has started his career as a broadcast Engineer in 2001 and continued his career pathway as a technical and project director of many national level projects in the broadcasting and tech.

Rezza is currently managing a diverse team of data scientists, developers, designers, educators and project coordinators. He is working on developing break through educational knowledge-based projects focusing on cultural diversity awareness and action, including world leading platforms such as Diversity Atlas and Sound Infusion.

Rezza has overseen the organisation’s expansion into the technology innovation space over the past 8 years leading to Dievrsity Atlas winning several awards for its technology innovations.

Takes part in

Jul, 11 8:00 PM CET

Addressing Diversity Fatigue in Data Analysis and Reporting Impacting Decision Making

This session will examine a series of simple and complex diversity data case studies, identify some of the reasons of resistance to diversity data collection, and ways to overcome these. 
Roman Ruzbacky Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Diversity Atlas
Rezza Moieni CTO and Project Director at Diversity Atlas
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