May 18, 2023
Diversity Fatigue Summit

Beatrix EderBeatrix Eder

Beatrix Eder Coaching

Beatrix Eder Coaching

Beatrix is a certified and accredited Leadership Coach and Facilitator based in Zurich, Switzerland.

She works with organizations and individuals across the world to address today’s complexity and volatility by skillfully navigating change and ambiguity while acting with agility.

A turbulent world presents hidden opportunities for prepared leaders who are able to foster emergence as they work with various stakeholders inside & outside the organization. Beatrix supports her clients in becoming more competent & confident in practicing a leadership that allows them to be effective in this increasingly diverse, interconnected, hybrid and volatile environment.

Through transformational coaching conversations and experiential workshops, she strengthens her clients’ ability to embody Inclusive Leadership and nurture organizational vitality:
• Create healthy & sustainable cultures that promote Deep Collaboration across differences in identity and power
• Take high-quality decisions when the situation is ambiguous and the stakes are high
• Manage performance while grappling with seemingly opposing needs from various stakeholders
• Thrive in a complex and constantly evolving world.

Beatrix facilitates transformational coaching conversations of insightful dialogical inquiry, which support an accelerated Vertical Development of her clients. In her sessions, she supports and challenges them with curiosity, courage and compassion to get them out of their comfort zone, question conventional thinking and expand their capacity to think in more complex ways.

Takes part in

May, 18 8:15 PM CET

DEI fatigue in dominant groups – a case study of coaching for Inclusive Leadership

The speaker will discuss a case study on a priviliged senior manager at a multinational financial services company who experienced DEI fatigue and how leadership coaching helped him reframe his perspective and develop inclusive leadership practices. The session will cover themes such as power and powerlessness, threat to individual and social identity, and tools and techniques for surfacing reality, recognizing impact, exploring emotions, and creating new narratives and practices.
Beatrix Eder Beatrix Eder Coaching
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