May 18, 2023
Diversity Fatigue Summit

Jeevantika LingalwarJeevantika Lingalwar

Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft

Jeevantika Lingalwar is a cloud Solution Architect in Microsoft. She is working with partners in Ireland to accelerate with Microsoft technology and help them maximize their Microsoft Partnership benefits. Jeevantika is also D&I gender pillar lead in Microsoft Ireland Sub. She is a Msc. In Cloud Computing and a B.E in Computer Science Engineering. Jeevantika is very passionate about Women in Technology and Diversity & Inclusion. She founded International Women in Tech group and is leading a community of more than 4500 amazing members. She is a technology speaker and talks about the trending technology like AI and Quantum Computing. Jeevantika is very determined to help and motivate young minds, she is a mentor to 60 young kids aged 8-15 years and teaches them about “Future in/of AI”.

Jeevantika also has her own free mentorship program called as “Coffee chat with Jeevantika”. Jeevantika is a mentor to international university students in Ireland. Jeevantika is also nominated for various women in tech leadership awards in Ireland. An entrepreneur, leader, and a Tech speaker Jeevantika is passionate about helping others grow and share her experience and knowledge with everyone.

  • Woman of the Year award 2021
  • Mentor of the Year award 2021
  • Community award of the year 2021
  • Personal Success Mantra: “I do not fear losing, I fear not trying”

Takes part in

May, 18 7:00 PM CET

Beyond Diversity Fatigue: Cultivating Lasting Change Through Collective Action and Allyship

The speaker will talk about recognizing the intersectionality of different forms of discrimination; fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility through collective action; the role of allyship in promoting diversity and inclusivity; building sustainability into DEI efforts; and overcoming resistance to DEI efforts.
Jeevantika Lingalwar Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft
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