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How to Convince your Top Management while Presenting D&I Initiatives

Monika Navandar Founder and Chief D&I Consultant at NeoSeven Solutions

In order for these D&I initiatives to be implemented, it is essential to inspire commitment from the CEO, other C-suites management, and various division heads.

With this webinar, you will gain practical advice on how to:

  • Establish correspondence
    Implementing D&I initiatives in the workplace requires acceptance and support within the top management and employee bases.

  • Communicate initiatives
    Ensuring that employees understand D&I initiatives necessitates engagement from stakeholders in executive and upper leadership. Over 35 % of executives with direct oversight of their companies’ D&I programs believe accountability for success lies with senior executives. In light of this, it is crucial senior leaders can articulate their business case for D&I, inspire employees to make sustained commitments, and pilot and support D&I efforts.

  • Get feedback and engage colleagues in collaboration
    Receiving feedback is a pivotal characteristic of your workplace, fostered by open and honest communication between employees. To establish it, you must implement strategies aimed at building a trustworthy environment and engaging colleagues in a joint effort.

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