How to start your corporate
Diversity Equity & Inclusion program
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How to evaluate the DEI status quo and future goals in your organization and know how to apply the DEI metrics

Bernardo Ferdman Founder & Principal at Ferdman Consulting

Over the last few years, many companies have prioritized creating a diverse and inclusive workforce. Consequently, substantial resources have been spent on diversity initiatives. Despite this, only 23 % of HR professionals believe their D&I programs are highly effective.

There seems to be an overall mismatch in how organizations design their diversity policies and implement them in the workplace with desired outcomes. This may be the result of multiple barriers that make it difficult to increase diversity and to foster inclusion and equity.

How can you evaluate the current situation regarding diversity, equity and inclusion in your organization and your future goals? What are helpful and suitable DEI metrics?

 After this webinar, you will know the answer. Also, you will get insight on:

  • Assessing the DEI status quo in your company
    You will learn how to measure and benchmark DEI in your organization, identifying areas of focus and tracking trends over time. 

  • Identifying focal areas and goals
    DEI is not only about numbers and percentages. One should also pay close attention to how different groups feel in the workplace and how the environment and culture affect their engagement and performance. People's desire to thrive should be carefully considered, as should alignment on DEI and other goals. 

  • Developing short-term and long-term objectives
    Armed with data on your workforce and company culture, you can now identify areas for improvement and develop a meaningful DEI initiative. Review demographics to find areas of underrepresentation, and pay attention to the locations, departments, and positions in which underrepresentation occurs. Consider the experience of different groups and put these in the context of your organization's DEI rationale and goals. Noting and addressing any gaps will give insight into your company’s unique DEI challenges, the main focus of this program.

  • Choosing and using your DEI metrics
    The impact of your initiative and progress toward goals can be measured with specific DEI metrics. 

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