Developing DEI strategies valorizing people with migration background
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Maura Di MauroMaura Di Mauro

Intercultural Trainer, Consultant and Coach

Maura Di Mauro is a very passionate Intercultural Trainer, Consultant and Coach; expert in Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainability & Social Innovation.

She has a strong experience in assessment and development center activities for large multinational groups; in training expats and their families, managerial teams on the development of their intercultural and global skills, on how to lead multicultural teams (in person and remotely), on Diversity & Inclusion Management Design Strategies. On DEI Assessment she is GDEIB certificated.

She is lecturer of Intercultural Management at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Piacenza, Italy, and in other international universities' Masters, Business and PHD Schools.

From 2016 to 2019 she was the president of SIETAR Italia and Board Member of SIETAR Europe. In SIETAR Italia she is today the co-ideator and co-project manager of the Feeling Italian project; an innovative educational project that aims to help youngsters with a migrant background to develop their intercultural and global skills and to become organizations and societies’ change agents.

For ISMU Foundation (Initiatives and Studies on Multi-ethnicity), and for some universities, she is consultant on research and training projects, particularly on Diversity Management for migrants integration and assessment and development intercultural and global sustainable skills.

On the topics of Intercultural training, Diversity & Inclusion Management, and on Intercultural and Global competences she wrote several publications, in Italian and in English. Her last publication on the topic is Training Toolkit on Diversity Management. Acknowledge and Valorise Migrants’ Skills (2021), ISMU Foundation.

She translated the diversiTASTES and D&I didactical games from the divershophy® series, on a linguistic and cultural level. She is certified NLP Coaching Practitioner (ITS®), Cultural Detective®, Intercultural Effective Scale (IES®) and Global Competence Inventory (GCI®). She lived and worked in the Netherlands, UK, Spain, Malta, Kuwait, USA.