Leadership Practices for Successful Hybrid Working


To sum up, along with practising the conversations that lead to agreements within teams, this training will assist your future endeavors in:

  • Learning how to identify unconscious bias and what effect they have on your team
  • Managing zoom fatigue
  • Identifying tools that help take advantage of asynchronous technology

This webinar is designed for Hybrid Team Leaders. The duration of the workshop is 3 hours.

Due to the pandemic, many leaders became leaders of 100 % remote teams overnight. They needed to quickly adapt their leadership approach to strengthen the team, stay connected and achieve results. As companies change to the hybrid structure, leaders have the opportunity to learn the foundations of hybrid working to be intentional and effective in this new way of working.

Although many managers improved their capacity to lead remotely during the pandemic, they will now need to address some of the issues that make hybrid structure complex. The hybrid structure can be one of the most challenging because of exclusion issues, technology inefficiencies and leadership capabilities.

After this webinar, you will know:

Organisations who trained with us

USAIDCitiGilbert + Tobin LawyersL'OréalUCB (Union Chimique Belge)KPMG NRC (Norwegian Refugee Council)Alexion BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products)BT GroupOxfam InternationalSpecial Olympics InternationalCree Inc. (Wolfspeed)BNY MellonSAYATVAInternational Data GroupSAP

What our community says

“I indeed had my expectations really high, but it was way better than what I expected. […] I ended up after 3 h with almost 5 full pages of a notebook filled with quotes from the panelists. Connected with more than 100 people, meetings, booth fairs…”
Patricia Souza, D&I expert from Luxembourg

“Thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and all the questions — encouraged by the momentum from fellow panelists and the audience!”
Rebecca Hershey, Human Rights Campaign

“Great panel! Even as the moderator, I can’t wait to go back and listen to the recording to fully capture all the wisdom and practical insights shared by our panelists”
Bernardo Ferdman, Ferdman Consulting

“The most interactive and the most informative online event about acessibility of the last years for me. Wishing to the organizing team keep going with such level”
Roman Boreńko, Inclusive It

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