Inclusive Meeting Techniques to Maximize Diversity of Thought


To sum up, along with learning effective techniques for holding inclusive meetings, this training will assist your future endeavors in:

  • Encouraging employees to contribute during company’s meetings
  • Learning methodology for enhancing relationships within your team
  • Owning the tools for having productive meetings

Have you ever noticed that 70 % of the content of any meeting tends to come from 30 % of attendees? Or that people say what they think the boss wants to hear? Or that your own contribution is discounted or, worse, ignored?

These are the most common experiences in meetings. The result: poor quality thinking that leads to poor quality decisions.

Especially as your team becomes more diverse, you will want to make sure you get the full benefit from that diversity of thought. Yet, interestingly, in a more diverse team it’s even harder to make sure all voices are heard.

But how do we break the cycle? How do we ensure that everyone — regardless of their gender or background — is engaged and encouraged to contribute with their independent thinking and diversity of thought?

In this webinar, we share with you guiding principles, techniques and processes that improve meetings, so that you maximise diversity of thought and the best results are achieved in the shortest time.

After the webinar, you will know:

In other words, after this webinar, you will have the tools to have productive, idea-generating meetings, with everyone participating and contributing with their diverse experiences and ideas. Online or face-to-face.

This webinar is for team leaders and middle managers.

This webinar is for you if:

This webinar is 90 minutes long.

Organisations who trained with us

UCB (Union Chimique Belge)International Data GroupSAYATVAAlexion BT GroupCree Inc. (Wolfspeed)BNY MellonSAPGilbert + Tobin LawyersNRC (Norwegian Refugee Council)USAIDCitiL'OréalKPMG Special Olympics InternationalOxfam InternationalBRP (Bombardier Recreational Products)

What our community says

“I indeed had my expectations really high, but it was way better than what I expected. […] I ended up after 3 h with almost 5 full pages of a notebook filled with quotes from the panelists. Connected with more than 100 people, meetings, booth fairs…”
Patricia Souza, D&I expert from Luxembourg

“Thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and all the questions — encouraged by the momentum from fellow panelists and the audience!”
Rebecca Hershey, Human Rights Campaign

“Great panel! Even as the moderator, I can’t wait to go back and listen to the recording to fully capture all the wisdom and practical insights shared by our panelists”
Bernardo Ferdman, Ferdman Consulting

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