(Turn-Key) Corporate Diversity Celebration Day


To sum up, along with learning techniques to implementing successful DEI celebration event, this training will assist your future endeavors in:

  • Learning the advantages of organizing virtual DEI events
  • Gaining insights on promoting value of diversity & inclusion within your corporate culture
  • Identifying how teams’ KPI can be improved

This workshop is designed for HR Teams & Professionals, DEI Committees or DEI Councils’ members, DEI champions. The duration of the workshop is 2 hours.

Celebrating Diversity — e.g. through a DEI month, a DEI week, or a DEI day — with one or a series of events — in person or online — where different corporates’ roles, across functions and divisions, take part in, is one of the corporate’s strategy to show and to spread the value of diversity, and the corporates’ commitment toward Diversity, Equality & Inclusion.

Many companies that have one office in Europe and that have started to invest in DEI programs or strategies by signing the Diversity Chart, tend to concentrate their DEI celebration events in May. Indeed, May has been nominated the “diversity month” by the European Union; and the Diversity Chart Network invites all the companies who signed this agreement to organize some events, and to celebrate DEI, during this period.

Other companies, who have invested in DEI programs or in developing DEI strategies may decide to acknowledge and celebrate “Diversity” in any other recurrence day associated with diversity: e.g. International Migrants Day (December 18th), World Refugee Day (June 20th), International Women’s Day (March 8th), Coming Out Day (October 11 st), Human Rights Day (December 10th), …

Despite DEI celebration in person events, online events have the advantages of bringing hundreds of people together, overcoming the geographical distances of corporates’ office locations, while reducing travel costs and boosting the formation of a DEI corporate culture.

Do you want to organize a corporate’s memorable online DEI celebration event? An engaging online DEI event, where employees get to know each other, exchange their ideas and experiences about DEI topics, and while having a lot of fun start to collaborate and to create a DEI culture that can impact on daily relations?

This 2 hours workshop is what can be for you then!

Workshop package contents:

The online event will be an interactive workshop organized on Zoom platform and based on an immersive gamification or edutainment team activity.

Teams will be invited to play with the Diversity & Inclusion Cards® game, part of the Diversophy® series. Diversity & Inclusion Cards® game was developed to support the facilitation of DEI learning contexts, aimed to support participants’ comprehension of the impacts and of the value of diversity and inclusion.

After playing, participants will reflect on and discuss their learnings and will develop their personal action plan towards DEI.

Diversity & Inclusion Cards® game will stimulate participants’ curiosity and interactions through discussions, and will promote the development of intercultural and diversity & inclusion skills, both, at interpersonal and organizational level. By playing the game, team members’ engagement and interfunctional teams’ KPI can also increase.

HR and DEI teams can also learn about gamification techniques on DEI topics.

Organisations who trained with us

SAYATVABNY MellonUCB (Union Chimique Belge)Special Olympics InternationalCree Inc. (Wolfspeed)KPMG International Data GroupCitiNRC (Norwegian Refugee Council)USAIDBT GroupL'OréalSAPBRP (Bombardier Recreational Products)Alexion Gilbert + Tobin LawyersOxfam International

What our community says

“I indeed had my expectations really high, but it was way better than what I expected. […] I ended up after 3 h with almost 5 full pages of a notebook filled with quotes from the panelists. Connected with more than 100 people, meetings, booth fairs…”
Patricia Souza, D&I expert from Luxembourg

“Thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and all the questions — encouraged by the momentum from fellow panelists and the audience!”
Rebecca Hershey, Human Rights Campaign

“Great panel! Even as the moderator, I can’t wait to go back and listen to the recording to fully capture all the wisdom and practical insights shared by our panelists”
Bernardo Ferdman, Ferdman Consulting

“The most interactive and the most informative online event about acessibility of the last years for me. Wishing to the organizing team keep going with such level”
Roman Boreńko, Inclusive It

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