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Akira AholaAkira Ahola

Head of Marketing & Communications at Wunder


Intense, innovative, and inclusive are the building blocks of Akira Ahola’s values and attributes used to describe how they are as a person. The versatility in their professional background determination to find win-win-win -solutions combined with personal aspects to diversity and inclusion have led them to the Head of Marketing & Communications position at an international IT Company Wunder.

In this position, they feel they can build the world bit more equal day by day, not only by being openly non-binary but also by collaborating with organizations that aim to bring diversity, equality, and psychological safety to IT industry.

“The digital transformation is happening at warp speed. If the services, especially AI, are developed by a very homogenous group of people, the services will not serve all the possible and potential users. Whether you look at this phenomenon from a business success or human rights perspective, the solution is the same. By creating an inclusive and psychologically safe work environment, the ability to innovate and create accessible digital services grows remarkably. Inclusion and diversity also attract talent to this industry that chronically suffers from the lack of developers.”

Ahola believes that our words play a more significant role than ever when communicating in virtual environments. Being aware of the inclusive ways to communicate helps us to tackle multiple challenges - therefore, they are so keen to talk about this topic.

Takes part in

May, 20 4:30 PM CET
Stage 2

The potential and power of inclusive and gender-neutral communication

Our computers have faster and more reliable connections than ever before. But how are the connections between us, human beings? Unfortunately, when we go digital, we lose quite a slice of non-verbal communication that helps us empathize and understand each other.
Akira Ahola Head of Marketing & Communications at Wunder
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