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Ashay SaxenaAshay Saxena

Product Owner at IBM

Ashay is currently working as a Product Owner with IBM. He holds a Doctorate in the field of Information Systems from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. He has extensively pursued research on understanding management approaches adopted by software teams to succeed with agile methodologies in a globally distributed format. He has conducted in-depth case studies at global MNCs such as Intel, GE, Mindtree and ThoughtWorks. He has delivered talks as well as presented research on several international forums such as Australasian Conference on Information Systems, ACM Computers & People Research Conference, Agile India, Agile Leadership Summit, India Agile Week and Software Product Management Summit.

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May, 20 7:30 PM CET
Stage 2

Implementing DEI principles in an agile organization

Are agile organisations really inclusive? Surely, given the fundamental principle of “individuals and interactions over processes and tools” and the fact that almost every agile approach embeds collaborative practices, the answer should be yes. And yet, the lived experience of many people contradicts this. Putting these assumptions and hypotheses to the test, the Business Agility Institute undertook an ambitious, year-long, research project and heard from 500 people globally.

Ashay Saxena Product Owner at IBM
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