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Chou HallegraChou Hallegra

Founder & CEO at Grace & Hope Consulting, LLC

Grace & Hope Consulting, LLC

Chou Hallegra, the founder and CEO of Grace & Hope Consulting, LLC, is a licensed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion trainer with a decade of experience in the DEI field. She uses her expertise as a mental health and disability consultant to help organizations become more efficient and profitable as they implement effective strategies to ensure wellbeing and belonging for all.

She completed a master’s degree in Human Services with specialization in executive leadership at Liberty University, as well as a post-graduate program in rehabilitation counseling at Utah State University. Chou is a John Maxwell certified leadership speaker, trainer, and coach with additional certifications in mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and employee performance, just to name a few. Additionally, she is a bestselling author and a workplace wellbeing coach committed to helping busy professionals reduce stress, be more productive, and find balance and purpose in life.

Chou is originally from Brazzaville, Congo and currently resides in Pennsylvania, USA, but calls herself a global citizen. With a lot of lived experiences that make her relatable, Chou connects to the heart and impacts transformational change for individuals, organizations, and communities.

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May, 20 10:30 PM CET
Stage 1

Mental Health as a DEI Priority: Stories & Strategies from the Field

The mental health crisis we’re facing is affecting individuals and organizations in detrimental ways. Uncertainty and frequent changes have increased fear, stress, and anxiety. Supporting employees’ well-being during a racialized pandemic then requires a bit more creativity. Come learn practical and effective strategies to address mental health challenges in the workplace!
Chou Hallegra Founder & CEO at Grace & Hope Consulting, LLC
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