May 18, 2023
Diversity Fatigue Summit

Three-layer strategy to avoid diversity fatigue

May 18, 2023 9:00 PM CET BUY TICKETS

The main reasons for the growing diversity fatigue are diversity quotas causing biased hiring and promotion, selective approach to DEI as well as payment inequalities that continue to be widespread across workplaces. In his presentation Kostiantyn will focus on three innovative corporate systems that can become a significant upgrade for a company’s HR systems:

  • fully blind hiring process that grows diversity naturally and attracts the best skilled hires on the market, regardless of gender or race.
  • performance evaluation and promotion systemsthat automate professional growth of all employees and incentivize self-efficacy
  • inclusive compensation system that links every employee’s pay to their performance and eliminates most of the payment inequalities.

These systems have been in place at CFC Big Ideas, an international communications consultancy, where Kostiantyn has been in the role of the COO for almost 15 years, experimenting with new people management ideas and innovating HR processes.

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Kostiantyn Gridin Big Ideas Officer at GIOF