Inclusive hiring, retention
and promotion practices

Diverse and inclusive hiring practices for your organization

Rosie Yeung CPA, CA, CHRL, Principal and Founder of Changing Lenses

From a business perspective, inclusive hiring practices provide many advantages. Not only is it the employer’s legal responsibility to consider every candidate equally, but also the organization’s reputation is at stake.

Inclusive hiring practices strengthen company reputations, which attracts talent in a competitive market. In fact, “Four in five (86 %) candidates globally say diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace are important to them.” Research has shown that having diverse talent on board leads to higher productivity, innovation, and performance. It also helps improve employee retention rates, which in turn promote the positive brand of the organization.

With this webinar, you will gain insights on:

          Increase your success rate by attracting candidates to you, instead of you looking for new places to recruit.
          Learn the common ways bias presents at key points in the recruiting process, and how you can reduce (not eliminate) them.
          Gain an overview of inclusive hiring techniques that will help you recruit any candidate more effectively.

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