No More Diversity Fatigue: Innovative HR Guide
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Inclusive hiring system: scalable tool for hiring the best talent, growing “unforced” diversity

Kostiantyn Gridin Big Ideas Officer at GIOF


During our 1,5-hour workshop, ten participants will learn how they can upgrade their corporate hiring systems in order to:

  • Hire more inclusively, eliminating potential candidate complaints

  • Formalize decisions of hiring committees in order to prevent biased decision making

  • Grow corporate diversity without pushing hiring managers to select diverse candidates or fill representation quotas

Hiring decisions in the corporate world, no matter the industry and size of the company, are a great source of biases and complaints leading to Diversity Fatigue. As societies demand more diversity from organizations, some try to achieve this by mistakenly introducing pro-diversity biases, which irritate the majority and humiliate the minorities.

One of the most popular company incentives is special bonuses for team leaders who hire diverse employees. In workplaces with smaller budgets, executives simply offer direct instructions for hiring managers and committees to prioritize diverse candidates.

This approach could be dangerous as it prevents team leaders from making unbiased decisions on who is the best fit for their company. The ideal inclusive hiring system can only be built through enlarging the candidate pool and formalizing the hiring process to prevent personal biases.

Our system uses formalized score baskets aimed at structuring collective decisions of hiring committees and enhancing hiring transparency. We also share some technological tools of candidate assessment that minimize both conscious and unconscious biases.

Implementing these tools can significantly minimize the risk of growing Diversity Fatigue while increasing diversity of the workforce in a natural and unforced way.

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