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Inclusive performance evaluation and promotion system: automate promotion decisions and minimize employee complaints

Kostiantyn Gridin Big Ideas Officer at GIOF


During this 1,5-hour workshop, ten participants will learn how they can upgrade their corporate performance evaluation and promotion systems in order to:

  • Enable automatic promotions and salary raises based on performance;

  • Eliminate time lags between achievements and promotion decisions;

  • Increase employee motivation and satisfaction.

Performance evaluation in many companies is organized in a regular meeting once per year or every six months between an employee and direct supervisor. They discuss how the expectations of the past period have been met and identify goals for the upcoming period. Both parties also discuss salary raises and potential promotions.

These private meetings can create biased results. The formal performance review is usually made solely by the supervisor, creating grounds for employee complaints unless all promotion and raise requests are satisfied.

Our inclusive performance evaluation system allows companies to focus on growth by rewarding their high achievers almost immediately, meaning employees don’t need to wait until their next performance review.

The system and its simple, 360-degree performance evaluation minimizes salary raise and promotion conversations significantly, allowing teams to focus on new projects and bring more revenue to them and the company.

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