No More Diversity Fatigue: Innovative HR Guide
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Inclusive Salary system: eliminate pay gap conversations and create more inclusion

Kostiantyn Gridin Big Ideas Officer at GIOF


During this 1,5-hour workshop, ten participants will learn how they can upgrade their corporate salary and benefits systems in order to:

  • Pay and reward employees based on performance every month;

  • Eliminate unequal pay complaints;

  • Increase employee motivation and satisfaction.

Payment inequalities are also a contributing factor to the Diversity Fatigue. Employees from different genders and backgrounds look at each others' salaries and complain that they are not fair and transparent. They very often approach their team leaders/HR officers requesting salary raises, new compensation packages, and other benefits.

Unless such requests are satisfied, the employee leaves the meeting feeling frustrated and undervalued. It is critical that your compensation system appropriately awards employees.

During this workshop we share our salary and benefit system that creates:

  • An automatic mechanism for salary raises or cuts, depending on employee performance and your company’s resulting finances;

  • Transparent bonus allocation system that can function across corporate departments and industries;

  • Unbiased and automatic performance-based promotion and demotion systems based on collective scores and evaluations, not individual decisions.

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