How to develop Diversity and Inclusion Plan that strategically supports your business


To sum up, along with developing a D&I mission plan, this training will assist your future endeavors in:

  • Ensuring clear communication from your leadership team
  • Setting objectives for your DEI efforts
  • Learning how to prioritise your DEI initiatives in the goal timeline

This session is for: Business Leaders and CEO’s.

This programme is specifically designed for CEO’s and business leaders, giving them the high level view and insights they need to lead on D&I.

According to the World Economic Forum, the business case for diversity is overwhelming.

In addition, according to Glassdoor, 67 % of all job seekers look at what companies are doing with regards to Diversity before they apply.

But if you want to achieve real impact in diversity and inclusion in your business, you need total clarity of how it contributes to your business results. In this programme, we show you how to create a D&I strategy that delivers just that.

The package consists of 2×2 hour consecutive interactive virtual sessions. The sessions will help you design an impactful ED&I Strategy and Action plan that supports the business objectives of your organisation.


Session 1 — Learn how develop a D&I mission and vision that will be the North Star for your D&I efforts, will ensure your leadership team communicates clearly and gives focus to all

When starting on the Diversity & Inclusion agenda most leaders feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the agenda. They may have a real desire to move forward, but where to start? How to know what will benefit the business and inclusion most?


Session 2 — Learn how to create a high-level action plan, choose impactful initiatives, quick wins and a set a realistic timeline

Once you have a clear mission and vision and know how D&I will help you achieve business results, you need to know what to do and when to do it. Do you champion D&I in your meetings? Do you advise your team to start with raising awareness, updating policies or encourage creation of an Employee Resource Group? Which initiative will be best suited for your goals?


Organisations who trained with us

Gilbert + Tobin LawyersNRC (Norwegian Refugee Council)SAYATVAAlexion Cree Inc. (Wolfspeed)KPMG BNY MellonBT GroupInternational Data GroupUCB (Union Chimique Belge)CitiSAPSpecial Olympics InternationalBRP (Bombardier Recreational Products)USAIDOxfam InternationalL'Oréal

What our community says

“I indeed had my expectations really high, but it was way better than what I expected. […] I ended up after 3 h with almost 5 full pages of a notebook filled with quotes from the panelists. Connected with more than 100 people, meetings, booth fairs…”
Patricia Souza, D&I expert from Luxembourg

“Thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and all the questions — encouraged by the momentum from fellow panelists and the audience!”
Rebecca Hershey, Human Rights Campaign

“Great panel! Even as the moderator, I can’t wait to go back and listen to the recording to fully capture all the wisdom and practical insights shared by our panelists”
Bernardo Ferdman, Ferdman Consulting

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