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Dana Mazia WeinbaumDana Mazia Weinbaum

Leading the vertical business strategy at Verbit

Dana is a business strategy export, that was leading business development and partnership teams in the last 10 years, at verbit she is in charge of the vertical strategy and business growth, and working with many companies in the ecosystem to keep building Verbit’s marketplace offering.

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May, 19 2:00 PM CET
Stage 2
Panel Discussion

Humanity or technology - what’s the key to a more Inclusive hiring, promotion, and retention?

Perfecting protocols lead to real results. Numerous organizations have resorted to new technologies that make the applicant screening process more efficient. However, what is the protocol that the algorithm follows? How adequate are the presumptions on which our screening technology operates? As in life, so in algorithms, organizations risk overlooking non-inclusive biases spilling over into the automated processes. Moreover, as final decisions are still made by individuals, organizations must be aware that every decision made solely is inevitably affected by individual biases. Find out what problems are faced by teams around the world by unarticulated protocols, be they technological or human.
Busi Sizani Head of Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Deliveroo
Laura Agharkar Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Culture at Nasdaq
Heide Gardner Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Interpublic Group
Dana Mazia Weinbaum Leading the vertical business strategy at Verbit
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