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Ekua CantEkua Cant

Career Coach & Wellbeing Specialist

Ekua is an author and career coach and employee wellbeing specialist. She is no stranger to career change or transitions and is using her positive style to coach ambitious women to unlock their mindset, gain career clarity and create career success on their own terms. She is the author of a motivational self-help book called, Be Your No.1 Cheerleader, which uses the entrepreneurial journey to encourage active positive self-development. Ekua started her career as a personal assistant to a Director working in the UK Civil Service, working with numerous Government Departments the Cabinet Office, Home Office and left as an IT Project Manager. Whilst working in the Civil Service she founded 2 startups, Layover Adventure and the Hackathon Queen. She’s been an employee, contractor, and is an entrepreneur.

She has led multi-million pound public sector digital transformations. She was also awarded a ticket to Barack Obama’s acceptance for the nomination to the Democratic party for her campaigning work for the civic voluntary organisation DCVote. She has completed the London Marathon in 2018 one of the hottest on record! She formerly ran DrinksBot, an on-demand drinks delivery service enabled by a Slack Chatbot. She’s met the Queen twice and is an advocate for Black Women in Tech and Co-Vice Chair of (GTA Black Women in Tech)

Takes part in

May, 20 8:30 PM CET
Stage 1

Why saying "No" is empowering to thrive in hybrid-working environment

The presentation will be on workplace boundaries and the blur that has been caused by working from home and hybrid-working.
Ekua Cant Career Coach & Wellbeing Specialist
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May, 23 6:00 PM CET

Emotional Tax Refund: Inclusive Well-Being Strategies to Retain Minority and Underrepresented Talent

In this workshop, you will understand what "the emotional tax is", who it affects, how it decrease morale, increase sickness absence and why it is a precursor to a minority talent drain for your organization.

Ekua Cant Career Coach & Wellbeing Specialist
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