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Natalie WilkinsNatalie Wilkins

co-CEO of Thriving Talent

Thriving Talent

Natalie is the co-CEO of Thriving Talent, whose mission is to drive change that humanises the workplace and empowers individual choice. Its unifying purpose is to help organisations build and nurture inclusive workplaces that enable Caring and Career thereby accelerating gender equality at all levels of leadership and increasing EVP.

Natalie and her team help clients to measure and value the commercial benefits this brings, so that they can overcome diversity barriers, reduce attrition, become an employer of choice and drive their inclusion & culture agenda.

Natalie has 25 years of experience working across the public and private sectors in the UK, Middle East and Europe. Before starting her own businesses, she worked as a senior HR leader, leading and managing teams of up to 50 people.

Takes part in

May, 20 5:30 PM CET
Stage 2

How to ensure leadership programmes deliver on expectations

In this case study, the speaker will share:

  • The ingredients required to develop the 3 Cs
  • The measurable impact of implementing the 4 building blocks: redefining success, engaging participants' managers, individual coaching and facilitating 3-way meetings
  • The contrasting outcomes between leadership programmes with and without the building blocks

Natalie Wilkins co-CEO of Thriving Talent
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